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Stand on the brink of my own demise
Fallen again for another
I keep this journal friends only because I talk about my real life. A lot. With names and places and general information that the entire world doesn't need to have access to.

My FFXI Screenshot Gallery is located HERE.
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“OK, so it does sound like shit, but I'm not deleting it (despite my horrible foul mouth as caused by adrenaline) because shit, it's Korn playing at the Chubby Pickle in fucking Windsor, Ontario, yo.”

Transcribed by: ehlara
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OK, how can I pass up this much entertainment? I mean, I'm home alone. Amuse me, people. *grin*

Please post anonymously and give three hints about yourself. I will try to guess who you are.

ooopsy. still icon love. pretend you didn't see that other one. *grin*

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OK, I never ever update this from work, but I just had a moment of such sheer love for my residents that I had to get it down so I would remember. A woman who is usually and constantly quite agitated has settled in comfortably with a maraca for music therapy hour. A gentleman who yesterday was v. v. angry at coming to live here is nearby with a tambourine. Another man who is quite gruff and ... manly just got up to get a cloth for a lady who, well, drools a lot. Our youngest resident, a woman not much older than me with severe MS, is waiting for her brother at the door, and the girls got her dressed up so prettily and made up. I imagine this is what she looked like every day before her illness got so bad.

They all love each other, in a way. It makes me feel good about the world.

Share the love? I left this public. Tell me what made you feel good about the world today? And see if you can get some other people to tell me, too, while you're at it.

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Haven't updated in a few days I guess. I've been awful tired this week, it's been crazy busy at work, mainly because I have to pick up the three days of work I missed last week. I paid some invoices today that I've been trying to get to since Tuesday. Ugh.

Went swimming Wednesday after work. The in-laws' pool is nice, but not heated so it was chilly. Figures that the first day I bother trying to swim it gets cooler. We actually turned off the A/C and opened windows. Need to take advantage of cool weather and bring the power bill down a bit. :)

I spent an hour yesterday helping a resident's wife fill out Social Securuty forms, and omg am I glad I'll never have to deal with that. This poor lady is at risk of losing his SS benefits, which just barely pay for his care in our home, because SSA doesn't recognise her Power of Attorney as legal. Apparently our POAs aren't good over there and vice versa. So they sent her a bunch of forms to fill out to get named his caregiver or something, but it turned out one was for the nursing home to complete and they just didn't tell her that. The poor dear's not far from needing to live with us herself, and dealing with a husband with advanced dementia. She was so grateful for me just helping her with the forms. I really love that aspect of my job, going home at night feeling like I really make a difference to people.

I started playing FFXI again. There was an offer where you could reactivate old characters with all items and money and stuff intact. Of course, I was saved in some town and took like half an hour running around to figure out why I was there. lol

Tonight we're going to the Greek Village of Carrousel of the Nations to get some food and probably drink some drinks since we're going with George who is Greek. He'll prolly know all kinds of people there, that should lead to interesting interactions. My sis is home for the weekend, so she's coming too. Her car broke yesterday and it's the tranny so big bucks to fix, but she can afford to get something to eat. The festival itself and all the entertainment is free.

Other than that, my life is really boring. Oh well.

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I need help with two things.

A) What do I do in PSP to take a picture of a person and make their hair a different colour? My expertise runs as far as the flood fill tool, which did NOT work as planned. I can't think of any ways to make it not look crappy. Anyone who could help me out would be appreciated. Anyone who'd be willing to actually do it for me would be justly rewarded and likely snogged to within an inch of their life, as well! XD

B) (Not so) Random Harry Potter question. If you don't know or don't care, move along.



Still with me? I need to know if there is any way besides Avada Kedavra for a wizard to kill another wizard. My situation is that I have a wizard who really believes that this other person should die. My wizard has the commitment to use AK, it would work for him. I just want to know if there are any other options. Other than using the full Body Bind and pushing the bad guy face down in a puddle. Don't think I haven't considered that! Any input that anyone has would be great! XD Think I'll poke around on House Pride later too, when my connection decides that I can visit other websites again. Crappy high-speed is acting up again today.

I was kidding about the snogging, by the way. XP

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This journal will be mainly friends only. If you want into my world, friend me and I will most likely do the same.

I want to say a special welcome to those who have made this move with me. I love my LJ friends and am glad to have anyone here with me.


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A new start.
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